""The JSC Filit Moscow Tube Works began life on 29 July 1932 as a business to manufacture water and gas pipes. The pipes were manufactured using furnace pressure welding, by drawing heated metal bands (strips) through a block.

By the late 30s because of the development of the automobile industry, for the first time the works started manufacture of electrically welded tubes.

During the years of the war of 19411945 part of the works machinery was evacuated to the Urals, and the works made products for the repair and operation of military equipment, including parts for shells and mines.

The post-war period saw the installation of electric welding units, the Soviet AShT 60 type and imports from the American firm Yoder, and also band slitting units, to replace the obsolete furnace pressure welding system.

In the early 50s manufacture of drawn pipes to GOST 5005 was begun for vehicle cardan shafts, and small diameter drawn pipes to GOST 10707 and respective technical specifications. In order to manufacture these pipes, drawing mills were installed in the works, together with section and roller-hearth heat-treatment furnaces with a protective atmosphere. To expand the works product range, manufacture of tubes made from highly alloyed stainless steels was begun, using argon arc welding.

In the early 60s, owing to development of demand for tubes for the chemical industry, a new workshop was built to manufacture tubes out of highly-alloyed steels and alloys, which was equipped with argon arc-welding equipment 1032, 1060, 19102 and cold rolling mills, including the KhPTR 815 and 1530 mills, a heat-treatment furnace and a department for chemical treatment of the tubes.

Between the 7090s because of the further development of technology and the appearance of new industries requiring tubes/pipes, one more reconstruction was carried out involving installation of new imported electric arc welding units to manufacture tubes from carbon steel and low-alloyed steels (1030 using DC power, and 060 and 2583 using high frequency current), cold reducing mills for flowing tubes, and also an electric arc welding unit 1038 to weld pipes using high frequency current. Two new drawing mills with a force of 12.5 and 32 tonnes, new furnaces with a protective atmosphere and a new finishing unit were purchased.

Four Japanese electric arc welding units had been installed and brought into operation to manufacture pipes from highly-alloyed steels with a diameter of 825 mm, which are used to produce thermo-electric radiators.

A new electric arc welding unit 2076 has been installed to manufacture pipes out of carbon steels, which is fitted with a new system of pipe moulding and sizing (ZTA), developed by the Austrian firm Fest-Alpina.

To supply the electric arc welding units with high quality billets, three new band-slitting units had been installed.

Since 1999 the DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 quality system has been successfully introduced.

In 2004 a new Marcegaglia electric arc welding mill was installed to manufacture pipes from corrosion-resistant steel.


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